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ESA - How Pure Would Your Utopia Be (2008)

ESA - How Pure Would Your Utopia Be (2008)
Раздел: ElectronicIndustrial, EBM, Electro | Добавил: vanix | Дата: 16.02.2008 13:26
GENRE..... Electronic
STYLE...... Rhythmic Noise, Industrial
MODE...... VBRkbps / Joint-Stereo
REL.DATE... Feb-12-2008

ESA return to Hive with a brand new album of corroded dark textures, mammoth swarming atmospheres, and industrial beats that collide with all the force of a falling freight-elevator. Chronicling an alternate history of the Fall from Eden, How Pure Would your Utopia be? spirals quickly into a dark, oppressive treatise on the price of sin and the frailty of withering hope. Through the course of the album, the sonic tension builds like a growing cloud of ink in water, turbulent groaning waves of noise and rhythm coalescing into a destructive storm of sound that is merciless both on the dancefloor and with more attentive listening. The evolution in ESA's sound from their first album, Devotion, Discipline and Denial, is unmistakable, taking huge leaps forward in terms of both production and songwriting. A new milestone for both ESA and Hive, How Pure Would your Utopia be? raises the bar yet again, displaying with firm resolve that uncompromised intensity and violent creativity are alive and well in the hard-industrial scene.
01. Dialogue
02. Your Blood is My Blood
03. Paradise Inside / Punishment Defined
04. Principals of a Paradisic Resolve
05. Cursing
06. Absolute Utero
07. In Lust We Trust
08. How Pure Would Your Utopia Be?
09. Randomly Selected Drawbacks of the Human Condition
10. Intense Deceit and a Thousand Empty Promises
11. You Do Not Belong Here
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