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ASP - Horror Vacui (2CD Digipak) (2008)

ASP - Horror Vacui (2CD Digipak) (2008)
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GENRE..... Rock
STYLE...... Gothic Rock
LABEL..... Trisol
MODE...... VBRkbps / Joint-Stereo
REL.DATE... Feb-16-2008

ASP ! This name has been a symbol for highly entertaining
releases of the most successful German Gothic Rock band in
recent years - in and also well beyond the Gothic culture.
Consequently, the time is more than ripe for a 'Best Of' CD
which contains their greatest hits: namely "Horror Vacui".
ASP's unmistakable Gothic novel rock can always be regarded as a
total work of art: music, lyrics and images working seamlessly
together, each with equal importance.
"Horror Vacui" is a monument of Gothic Rock and a must for fans
of classic acts such as The Sisters of Mercy, Fields of the
Nephilim, The Mission or their modern heirs Rammstein and
InExtremo. Those who have known ASP a while longer, have the
chance to experience old material (33 songs on 2 CD's) in a new
context. The album was arranged by S. Schmetterling and Matthias
Ambre themselves, with numerous songs re-recorded and remixed
and exclusive bonus material added.
01 How Far Would You Go? (Single Version)
02 Hunger (Rerecorded)
03 Coming Home
04 Schwarzer Schmetterling (Remastered)
05 Ich Will Brennen (Rerecorded)
06 Dancing (Rerecorded)
07 Weltunter (Rerecorded)
08 Demon Love (Rerecorded)
09 De Profundis
10 Sing Child (Remastered)
11 Panik (Horror Vacui Mix)
12 Die kleine Ballade vom Schwarzen Schmetterling (Remastered)
13 Raserei
14 Stille der Nacht (Rerecorded)
15 Once I A Lifetime (Remastered)
16 Die Ruhe vor dem Sturm (Remastered)
01 Ich bin ein wahrer Satan (Single Version)
02 Me (Video Edit)
03 Schwarzes Blut (Club Version)
04 Kokon (Horror Vacui Mix)
05 Biotopia
06 Werben (Rerecorded)
07 Ballade von der Erweckung (Remastered)
08 Sanctus Benedictus (End Of Virginity-Version)
09 Krabat (Club Version)
10 Lykanthropie (Rerecorded)
11 Finger Weg! Finger!
12 Schwarz (Rerecorded)
13 Tiefenrausch-Live (Previously Unreleased)
14 Und wir tanzten-Ungeschickte Liebesbriefe (Remastered)
15 Nie mehr (Horror Vacui Mix)
16 Duett-Minnelied der Incubi
17 So viel tiefer (Previously Unreleased)
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