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ESC - Enhancer (2008)

ESC - Enhancer (2008)
Раздел: ElectronicIndustrial, EBM, Electro | Добавил: vanix | Дата: 12.04.2008 22:08
Genre.....: Electronic
Style......: Dark-Electro
Label.....: Scanner
Quality...: VBR kbps / 44,1KHz / Joint-Stereo

What does Portugal stand for? Many wonderful things and persons are coming from this southern European country: Finest port wine, Cristiano Ronaldo or Moonspell.But does harsh Electro exist in Portugal? No? You’re very much mistaken there!
Check out ESC and their second album “Enhancer”! Their debut “Matte” earned proper respect from the electroheads worldwide. ESC are continuing their approved way consequently with their recent release “Enhancer”. Be prepared for propulsive rhythm merged with hypnotic beats full of melody furthered by accentuated significant speech samples. Highly danceable stuff for the club-floor.
“Totes Licht” - which means “Dead Light” - is their first song in German language and the ultimate successor to ESC’s massive club hit “The Robots” (A Kraftwerk cover).
If you like X-Fusion, Agonoize or Grendel, you will love ESC.
01 Eden
02 Despise
03 Enhancer
04 Needle Catwalk
05 Heartware V2.0
06 Wrong Way
07 Waste Of Ammo
08 Totes Licht
09 Alpha Male
10 Architecture
11 Deathtrap Circus
12 Attention Whore
13 0.26 (Bladefucked)
14 Reptile
Password: mp3db

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